The Good Stuff

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Adventuring outdoors is what has kept me going for good 35 years. It’s the easy fix for anything, since the nature is always new and exciting. The different seasons bring on ever changing colors, smells, textures and light.

I was born and raised deep in the Western Finland’s countryside, growing up, as we say, free range, referring to the parenting style where the kids have lots of freedom and very little surveillance. Now, as a mom of four I want my own kids to experience the same fun moments building secret huts, learning to use knives, starting camp fires, climbing trees and almost getting lost in the forest.

Three of my kids are boys aged four, six and seven. The youngest one is a 16 months old girl. My kids are a real handful I’d say, with all my love and taking them to little adventures outdoors gives them a chance to let off some steam, build their confidence and enjoy spending time together. For me our adventures are a great way to escape chores, because, well, all parents know a little too well that the mountain of laundry is the one mountain that cannot be conquered.

The nature is very accessible where we live. We have huge forests and swamps all around us. That makes it so easy to make spontaneous adventures there.

I want this blog to be a place where I can share stories and discuss about the good stuff about this fun and easy, outdoorsy family lifestyle in Finland:

  • The fun moments and the joy.
  • The trails with locations.
  • The gear.
  • The snacks.
  • The practically impossible mood control of the kids.
  • The local stories.
  • The kids’ perspective on adventures.
  • Occasional city adventures.
  • With fast and easy execution of iPhone pics and imperfect English.

All this with self irony and a smile. The gear doesn’t need to be fancy to be functional, and all kinds of failures bring more interest in what we do as a family.

Here we go, welcome to join the ride!